RE: Latin 1 Western-Eurocentric?

From: Alain LaBont\i\ (
Date: Thu Aug 27 1998 - 04:48:08 EDT

A 18:58 98-08-26 -0700, Paul Dempsey a Úcrit :
>You can also use the CharMap utility to pick any Unicode character and get
>it into an app via the clipboard. Not as fast and convenient as an IME, but
>it works, and is generally available without waiting for NT 5.
>There are numerous IMEs and keyboard layouts available in NT 5. You can be
>assured that they won't be brain-dead by the time NT ships. One of the
>interesting IMEs that ships in NT5 is an IME that lets you enter any Unicode
>character by hexadecimal code point (it's labeled as a Traditional Chinese
>IME). Of course, you must choose the option to install them, and a default
>setup won't include all the languages.
>It's a neat idea to have a generic non-language-specific IME that lets you
>enter Unicode characters by name. If I had any free time, it might be fun to
>write :-) I'd support Unicode character names, HTML entity names, and
>hexadecimal at least. I'm not sure what I'd do for CJK.

[Alain] :
Have a look at ISO/IEC 14755 Input methods to enter UCS characters with the
help of any national keyboard.

Simple and the poor man's input method (but intended to be universally
usable), with some guidance on feedback.

Alain LaBontÚ

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