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From: Ken Lunde (
Date: Fri Aug 28 1998 - 10:41:56 EDT


You wrote:

>> Could anyone help me to find out the Character sets for
>> UTF-8, SJIS, JIS, EUC-JP and Unicode 2.0

You're confusing character sets with encodings. In the West (before
Unicode), the relationship is not so clear. But in the CJKV context,
the distinction is necessary.

UTF-8 is an encoding (or transformation) for Unicode 2.0 (now
2.1). Shift-JIS is an encoding that encapsulates the JIS X 0201-1997
(JIS-Roman and half-width katakana) and JIS X 0208:1997 character
sets. JIS (now called ISO-2022-JP) supports only JIS-Roman from JIS X
0201-1997 plus JIS X 0208:1997. EUC-JP supports the same character
sets as Shift-JIS, plus JIS X 0212-1990. Unicode 2.0 is a character
set name (it is now Version 2.1).

-- Ken

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