again bugs in UNIHAN.TXT

From: Werner LEMBERG (
Date: Fri Aug 28 1998 - 06:48:33 EDT

I think that there are severe problems with the kCNS1992 field. It
appears that the E-xxxx values from kCNS1986 are simply replaced with
3-xxxx (where xxxx is the same). This is not always true.

Consider as an example U+5E71. The kCNS1986 value is E-6677, the kCNS1992
value is specified with 3-6677, but it should be 4-6339 (the greatest
character code in plane 3 is 3-6246 for CNS 11643-1992). There are no
4-xxxx values at all in UNIHAN.TXT!

As a consequence, I suggest to either remove the kCNS1992 field
entirely, or to correct/add the missing values from planes 3-7.

If someone has correct mappings, please send it to me.


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