Re: again bugs in UNIHAN.TXT

From: Ken Lunde (
Date: Sat Aug 29 1998 - 12:31:03 EDT


You are correct that the Plane 3 mappings have major problems. At the
time this stuff was developed, there was only CNS 11643-1986 with
Planes 1, 2, and 14. CNS 11643-1992 Plane 3 has only 6,148
characters. The remaining 171 characters that were at the end of Plane
14 became scattered throughout Plane 4 (my forthcoming books have a
table with the mappings). Anyway, it seems that someone (not sure who)
appended a ****-load of characters at the end of CNS 11643-1986 Plane
14, perhaps just to make sure that they got into Unicode. A similar
thing happened with GB/T 12345-90 -- lots of characters beyond that
standard were added at the end, just to make sure that they got into
Unicode. The last character in the *real* GB/T 12345-90 is Row-Cell
89-09. Anything beyond that is artificial in the sense that it is not
part of GB/T 12345-90.

If you want an alternate to those CNS mappings, I suggest that you try
Koichi Yasuoka's:


-- Ken

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