UniAPI release version available.

From: Dean Abramson (dean@bjondi.com)
Date: Wed Sep 02 1998 - 07:05:36 EDT

Dear Unicode Enthusiasts,

Back in March, I sent out a note regarding beta software of our UniAPI
library that encodes the Unicode standard. Well, with only one week
to spare before the conference, we are proud to announce that it is
finally available, free for end-users to download and use right this
very moment.

Briefly, it encodes just about everything through section 5 of the
Standard, Version 2.1, and then some. It can be used to generate
everything in the Unicode Character Data (except the 'Comment' and '1.0
Name' fields and existing errors in characters U+FA0E-U+FA29) plus a
lot more. It's bundled with a small utility for viewing Unicode
and their properties as retrieved from UniAPI. Full documentation, a
header file, and a Win32 library for UniAPI are included in the package.

I might add (on an editorial note) that it's extremely fast, thorough,
and compact!!!

   Knock yourself out...


Thank you. Comments are welcome as always. I'll see you at the


   Dean Abramson

Bjondi International

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