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Date: Wed Sep 02 1998 - 07:06:20 EDT

Den 2 Sep 98, klokka 1:31 skreiv Michael Everson i «Re: S with

> letter will do. But the canonical _character_, taught to children in
> schools, is a proper cedilla for Turkish etc. and a proper comma below for
> Romanian.
> The Latvian letters called "WITH CEDILLA" likewise should never ever be
> drawn with cedillas. This is another inherited error in the standard.
> Apparently, although the bad name encourages ignorant font producers to
> draw the wrong glyphs which aren't appropriate for Latvian, there aren't
> any other languages apart from Livonian which use these characters, so
> there isn't any conflict as there was between Romanian and Turkish.

It comes to my mind that there exists a romanisation/transliteration
standard for Arabic which uses a selection of consonants with cedilla

Any references?

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