Re: New Bengali character?

From: Brendan_Murray/DUB/
Date: Thu Sep 03 1998 - 12:35:37 EDT

Thanks Walter & Jeroen for your responses. I had suspected that it was some
sort of ligature, but I couldn't see which.

Rick - apologies for the old-fashioned graphic: I'll remember to force it
to something more '90's in hte future. To answer your question:
>> I'm not sure I understand this. When was this transliterated? By
   whom? Is
>> this something that a translator ran across? Or was it in some

In India it's fairly common practice to convert from one script to another,
particularly with names. Thus someone might enter a name using the
Devanagari sequence:
   U+092D U+0906 U+0935 U+0906 U+0928 (BHA-AA-VA-AA-NA)

However, a Malayalam reader would wish to see it in the script with which
(s)he is more familiar, so it's rendered as:
   U+0D2D U+0D06 U+0D35 U+0D06 U+0D28 (BHA-AA-VA-AA-NA again)

It's also not unusual for the script to be rendered as Roman and even Urdu.

That's what I meant by transliteration.


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