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Date: Sun Sep 06 1998 - 15:17:10 EDT

Ar 09:19 -0700 1998-09-06, scríobh John Clews:

>ISO 233 (transliteration of Arabic) uses DOT BELOW certain
>characters. Several European standard (practices) in libraries and
>publishing are also closely related to this.
>In cartographic applications, dot below is unsatisfactory as it can
>be confused with a dot for a town. Therefore cedilla is often
>substituted for the dot. See for example the submissions by Iran in
>the various proceedings of the United Nations Conference on the
>Standardization of Geographical Names, held every five years.
>In this context, those who use it often may be unaware of the
>original DOT BELOW/COMMA BELOW substitution, and assume that the
>cedilla is the original.

You mean DOT BELOW/CEDILLA substitution.

>There is no requirement for comma below, or cedilla below, the
>additional Latin characters used in translating Arabic, certainly not
>as precomposed characters.

Well there is a cartographic requirement that they be representable in the
UCS, which they can be using COMBINING CEDILLA BELOW. But at least T WITH
CEDILLA BELOW, which used to be used for Romanian, still has some use as a
precomposed character.

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