Update to Unicode BDF font

From: Mark Leisher (mleisher@crl.nmsu.edu)
Date: Wed Sep 09 1998 - 13:08:53 EDT

An update to the ClearlyU proportional, 12 point, 100dpi BDF fonts for X11 has
been released. This update primarily adds the nearly 600 glyphs needed for
minimal support of the 0600-06FF Arabic blocks in Unicode 2.1. No ligature
glyphs were added except the required lam-alef combinations. A separate glyph
for the "rial" was added for compatibility with the ISIRI3342 Persian
character set. The fonts contain about 4050 glyphs total.


The Arabic glyphs will probably need their metrics adjusted a bit, so if you
make any changes, please let me know so I can add your fixes.
Mark Leisher
Computing Research Lab Here is to a good rule of thumb:
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