Re: Strange CORRESPONDS TO glyph

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Wed Sep 09 1998 - 13:58:23 EDT

John Cowan asked:

> Kenneth Whistler wrote:
> > The reason for the name (and the proximal source) for U+2259 is the
> > Xerox Character Code Standard, which contains this character at position
> > 356B/075B with the name "Estimates or is estimated by". It is also
> > "/wedgeq" or "\wedgeq" or "wedgeq" in SGML, etc.
> >
> > I don't know the proximal source of U+2258, but it is referred to
> > currently as "arceq" in the AMA's list of math symbols.
> Does this "proximal source" information reside anywhere except in
> the heads of Unicode insiders? If so, it would be most interesting
> to see it.

The collection of characters that went into the development of
the Unicode 1.0 repertoire was very diverse. The early committee drafts of
10646 were taken into account (and the origins of many characters in
those drafts were themselves murky), and to that were added many,
many different corporate sets, and then various additions of symbols
culled by many people. I know some of the sources, since I was
involved in the early crossmapping effort that resulted in the tables
published in Unicode 1.0, but others came in as sets that I had no
particular firsthand knowledge of. Joe Becker, if pressed hard enough,
might know more about the source for U+2258 and other math symbols. ;-)
If pressed hard enough, I can unearth a paper trail all the way back
to handwritten draft tables of symbols back at the very first UTC
meetings (before there officially *was* a UTC)--but those don't necessary
state where all the symbols in those tables originated.


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