Re: list politics

From: Herbert Elbrecht (
Date: Thu Sep 10 1998 - 06:41:59 EDT

1 Charles Muller joined the Unicopde List at Sept. 3rd:

> subscribe Charles Muller


2 He then placed a crucial question "HTML anchors in UTF-8":

> I recently converted my HTML-based Web dictionaries into UTF-8 in order
> to have greater multilingual functionality, but I now have a problem.
> Many of the terms in my dictionaries are linked by HTTP anchors (#).
> These work fine on my local machine in NT4.0 and Win95, but cease to be
> operative after I upload the material on to the Unix server. This has
> forced me to reinstall the old JIS versions of my dictionaries for the
> time being.

> Has anyone heard of this bug, or know a way around it?


> Charles Muller
> Toyo Gakuen University
> Resources for East Asian Language and Thought


3 He left Unicode List unanswered at Sept. 9th:

> unsubscribe unicode

What's this list for, if not helping with UTF-8 problems.
As non-programmer too, I can feel with Chuck Muller and others.
The list's splendid ISOlation surely is not promoting UTF-8 -
so is there some other place to go for Chuck and me or else?

Sorry for trouble

Herbert Elbrecht

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