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From: John Cowan (
Date: Tue Sep 15 1998 - 10:55:21 EDT

Karlsson Kent - keka wrote:

> Like thorn () in Swedish: a separate letter, a
> variant of "t", or as a variant of "th"?

For an exhaustive, not to say exhausting, report on thorn, see ,
which (in brief):

        makes thorn the 27th letter of the Latin alphabet
        for multinational sorting (as in Icelandic),

but documents seven other practices that have been used:

        sort Thorn after T (Old English scholarly practice),

        sort Thorn after TH and before TI ("rare but readable"),

        sort Thorn as TH ("causes a kind of visual seasickness"),

        sort Thorn with P (for users who don't understand Thorns),

        transliterate to Y and sort either with or after Y (historically
        Y and Thorn were sometimes confused, as in "Ye olde shoppe" for
        "the old shop"),

        transliterate to TH and sort as TH (in English practice when
        Thorn characters aren't available),

        transliterate to T and sort as T (in Scandinavian practice
        when Thorn characters aren't available).

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