Danish & Norwegian sorting

From: Brendan_Murray/DUB/Lotus@lotus.com
Date: Tue Sep 15 1998 - 00:36:09 EDT

Is anyone familiar with the current practice in Denmark & Norway for
collating AE vs Æ (A-E-ligature), OE vs Ø (O-stroke) and AA vs. Å (A-ring)?

I'm receiving conflicting requirements for these characters, as well as
confusing information about collating borrowed words containing A/O/U with
diaresis (umlaut). My understanding is that the correct sort sequence is:
   A, B, C, .... X, Y, Z, AE/Æ, OE/Ø, AA/Å
but that many commercial situations have decided to sort the letter pairs
as in English, and sort only the Danish characters after Z. I have no idea
where to place the German letters: should the U-umlaut be sorted after U or
with Y, the A-umlaut after A or with Æ?

What does Dansk Standardiseringsråd say? I believe there's also a Dansk
Sproginstitut (or something like that): anyone know what their view is on


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