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Date: Tue Sep 29 1998 - 04:25:00 EDT

Den 28 Sep 98, klokka 12:22 skreiv Elliotte Rusty Harold i «Public domain Greek text in Unicode»:

> Is anyone aware of any significant chunk (several hundred lines) of
> classical (i.e. public domain) Greek text freely vailable on the net in
> Unicode or UTF-8? I need some for an example in a book I'm working on.
> However, so far all I've been able to dig up are strange English
> transliterations. Failing Greek, I could also use something in a Cyrillic
> script, but that would be trickier since I don't speak
> Russian/Ukranian/etc.

Have a look at:

Russian-based Esperanto course:

Lithuanian sample in:

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