RE: Public domain Greek text in Unicode

From: Christophe PIERRET (
Date: Tue Sep 29 1998 - 04:36:14 EDT

An easy way of finding public domain text for different languages is to make
a search with alta vista.

Using the language feature (drop down list in the search page), you can
search for the word 'poetry' in any language and you will find some old
poetry (therefore public domain) in the languages you want to use.

Try to follow this URL (search for poetry in greek on alta vista):

You can then save the text on your system for later use.

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> Subject: Public domain Greek text in Unicode
> Is anyone aware of any significant chunk (several hundred lines) of
> classical (i.e. public domain) Greek text freely vailable on the net in
> Unicode or UTF-8? I need some for an example in a book I'm working on.
> However, so far all I've been able to dig up are strange English
> transliterations. Failing Greek, I could also use something in a Cyrillic
> script, but that would be trickier since I don't speak
> Russian/Ukranian/etc.
> Arabic/Hebrew/Devanagari are ruled out because I don't have a system that
> can display them. And I do need something that is clearly
> non-ASCII/Latin-1
> which unfortunately rules out French, Spanish, English, etc. (all
> apparently much easier to find).
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