RE: Terminal Graphics Proposal

From: Hart, Edwin F. (
Date: Thu Oct 08 1998 - 08:51:19 EDT

I can see value for encoding the paired hex digits (00 to FF) in the
proposal. However with appropriate rendering software, I could also see
having them merely as a glyph variant for rendering. I might compare this
to encoding the Braille script.

1. Two of the glyphs could be used to display a 16-bit Unicode
character (e.g., for debugging or for displaying an unknown character)

2. Protocol analyzers for communications and LANs use these glyphs to
display captured data. (Today, the Network Associates (formerly, Network
General) Sniffer is perhaps the most widely recognized device. 20 years
ago, it was the Spectron DataScope. Both of these are likely trademarks.)
They have 2 display modes, hex and text (typically ASCII, EBCDIC). In my
youth, these devices used hardware fonts in ROM and TV-resolution CRTs.
Now, these devices tend to be PCs or computers with embedded software. If
the manufacturers of such equipment want to display characters beyond the
7-bit ASCII set, Unicode is the natural choice.

3. The glyphs are used for debugging communication problems and
software problems with the "real" terminals (rather than PCs emulating the

Ed Hart

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