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From: Elliotte Rusty Harold (
Date: Thu Oct 08 1998 - 10:06:11 EDT

>The book has had a rather turbulent schedule, but you rest assure that
>the book is done and ready for high-res imaging. O'Reilly is now
>fitting it into their production schedule (not that they need to much
>production because I took care of that).

I and presumably others would be very interested in hearing war stories of
the production of this book. What platform? What software? What fonts?
etc. I've included significant non-Roman text in three of my last four
books including one for O'Reilly and two for IDG, and it's been a nightmare
every time. At least now I know where a few of the mines lay.

For instance, I put a big warning at the front of each file that uses
non-Roman characters about opening Word 97/98 files in earlier versions.
That warning includes Greek, Cyrrillic, and Icelandic characters and tells
peopel that they've got a corrupted file if they don't see those
characters. Also I paste in a small screen capture of each paragraph with
non-Roman letters just so production can see what it's supposed to look

Anyway, I would be very curious to hear your experiences, even more so if
they can be extended to Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, and Cyrillic; and I suspect
others would like to hear of of them as well.

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