RE: Terminal Graphics Draft 2

From: Frank da Cruz (
Date: Thu Oct 08 1998 - 15:53:55 EDT

> What should the "customary and familiar mnemonic" be?
> One of my concerns is that the names for the EBCDIC controls seemed to vary
> from device to device and with different editions of the IBM "green card"
> (System/360 Reference Summary) (and "yellow card" and "pink card"). I'm
> unsure how much of this has solidified and/or disappeared with IBM's SNA
> devices because I have not looked at any of this in over 10 years.
I took the EBCDIC names from the current reference, and do indeed note the
fact that the names have changed over the years, and include a table of
original names for reference. Is there any sentiment in favor of actually
encoding the old names?

By the way, I also omitted the mnemonics of numerous special-purpose control
sets found in the ISO Register since, to my knowledge, no terminal ever
displays these mnemonics in "display controls" mode, nor does any kind of
protocol analyzer or data scope. I think people who look at "display
controls" screens will be satisfied with the proposed familiar set of
mnemonics. But I could be wrong.

- Frank

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