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From: Markus Kuhn (
Date: Fri Oct 09 1998 - 10:20:39 EDT

Frank da Cruz wrote on 1998-10-08 22:56 UTC:
> (Really. Nothing ever quite disappears. I have heard of a payroll system
> that was originally written in the early 1960s for an IBM ... OK, I forget
> the exact model number -- 1104 or something like that. When that machine
> was replaced by a 7094 (?), the same payroll system ran under an 1104
> emulator. When the 7094 was replaced by a 360, it still ran on the 1104
> emulator, which itself ran on a 7094 emulator. And so on and so on, legend
> has it, to this day.)

Another question is which terminals should actually be supported. Many
of the ones you mentioned have died away already. I am aware of the IBM
3270 family and the DEC VT100 family having a long and healthy live (to
Michael Everson: those might indeed still be around in a hundred years
from now, we will know after Y2K), but much of the rest is probably not
sufficiently mainstream enough to deserve consideration in Unicode.

Do you have any form of data on the terminal emulator market regarding
more exotic terminal types? Are there really more than a few hundred
people out there who use applications that depend on a terminal type
radically different from a DEC VT340 or a IBM 3278?


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