Re: Terminal Graphics Draft 2

From: Otto Stolz (
Date: Fri Oct 09 1998 - 20:48:07 EDT

Frank da Cruz had proposed:
> E0B3 Latin small letter a with underbar SNI Math 04/04 (2)
> E0B4 Latin capital letter O with underbar SNI Math 04/09 (2)

Rick McGowan wrote:
> I believe [those] two characters are just masculine and feminine
> ordinal indicators, and are already encoded between 0x80 and 0xFF, as part
> of ISO Latin 1. They are probably just variant glyphs... unless the
> documentation distinguishes them and they occur in pairs with lower-case.

Am 1998-10-8 um 14:07 hat Frank da Cruz geschrieben:
> The reason these need to be encoded
> separately from feminine/masculine ordinals are their size -- they fill the
> whole cell, like a regular letter. Since terminal emulators and data
> analyzers use fixed-pitch fonts, we can't just switch to another point size
> to display these characters, since that will wreck the matrix arrangement
> of the screen.

This is what I cannot understand.

If the Feminine, and Masculine, Ordinal Indicators (U+00AA, and U+00BA,
respectively) were written in the same fixed-pitch font as the surrounding
text, they also would occupy one cell, each, won't they?

As Frank had written in both of his own drafts:
> arriving at a sufficient set of character-cell terminal graphics for
> Unicode is complicated by the well-known problems that affect other
> preexisting character sets to varying degrees:
> 1. Lack of official names for the characters of some of the sets.
> 2. Lack of definitive, high-quality pictures of the glyphs in some cases.
> 3. Lack of descriptions of the purpose and intended use of the glyphs.

I think, those are good reasons not to take the glyphs in the Siemens
Nixdorf 97801-5xx Benutzerhandbuch too seriously -- good reasons to unify
these characters with the above-mentioned U+00AA and U+00BA. The only
reason, IMHO, not to unify them would be existence of a character set
containing different glyphs both for the proposed characters and the
existing ones -- as Rick has already noted.

Best wishes,
  Otto Stolz

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