careless quotation and forwarding

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Fri Oct 09 1998 - 12:55:21 EDT

It's nice to quote a little context when you're replying to some previous
message. People do that a lot by pre-pending ">" to the quoted lines.

Sometimes, however, people don't take enough care with REMOVING the
irrelevant portions of the note they're quoting.

I get a little tired of scenarios like this: Someone quotes a few lines of
a note, intersperses comments, then just LEAVES the rest of the note. There
was one note yesterday on this list that ended with 717 lines quoted from
another note, WITHOUT COMMENT. This was some 30k of excess garbage that
clogged up my inbox, and I had to scroll all the way through it to verify
that it was UNCOMMENTED, and hence irrelevant to forward.

Please take more care in removing excess quoted material -- parts of notes
that are irrelevant or upon which you are not commenting. It doesn't take
that much time to do, and saves all of your readers the trouble of
fruitlessly wading through the excess.


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