RE: Terminal Graphics Draft 2

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Fri Oct 09 1998 - 13:39:23 EDT

> I can't think of any connections where both NL and NEL would be
> used in the same data stream, since data streams tend to be
> either ASCII/ISO or EBCDIC, but not a mixture.
> However, real terminals (VT220-520) print "NEL" when in display-
> controls mode, so why make an exception to the rule of printing
> the actual name in this one case? I think this would be more
> confusing than doing what the actual terminal does. Especially
> considering the "metareferences" we might make to these characters
> in Unicode texts; e.g. "An ISO data stream will show the [NEL]
> character, whereas an EBCDIC data stream will show the [NL]
> character"...
> I'm sure we could also find other examples of control characters
> in the C1 and EBCDIC sets whose semantics are the same or close
> but whose names differ; I don't think that means we should unify
> them. The purpose of "display controls" is to show the customary
> and familiar mnemonic for each control character in its context so
> people can read them easily.

And since your collection of display controls lists both the
three-letter and two-letter mnemonics for these things, I
cannot see any argument for disunification. This is the thing meant
for what in your chart is:

  E025 85 NEL NL Symbol for Next Line

U+2424 is the correct character for the graphic symbol
display of "NEL" or "NL Symbol or Next Line (or Symbol for Newline).


> - Frank

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