Displaying Plane 1 characters (was Re: TV teletext)

From: Paul Keinanen (keinanen@sci.fi)
Date: Tue Oct 13 1998 - 16:33:58 EDT

At 10:02 13.10.1998 -0700, Michael Everson wrote:

>Ha! Plane 1 is filling up with useful things. They can have Plane 3.

If I understood your Roadmap to Plane 1 correctly, Etruscan and Gothic will
soon be assigned code points in plane 1 as the first scripts to be allocated.

What is the technical readines in different computer environments to display
non-BMP characters ? The already overstretched cmap structure in True Type
Fonts are limited to 16 bits. What is the situation with various Type x
systems ?

If Plane 1 is filling up at a fast rate, it would be nice to be able to
enter and display these characters. If utilities that can handle also
non-BMP characters become common, this will reduce the pressure to get new
characters into the BMP. Currently, it would be rather pointless to assign
some characters needed e.g. for terminal emulation to Plane 1, since they
could not be displayed today.


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