Re: Displaying Plane 1 characters (was Re: TV teletext)

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Wed Oct 14 1998 - 04:51:48 EDT

Ar 13:43 -0700 1998-10-13, scríobh Paul Keinanen:
>At 10:02 13.10.1998 -0700, Michael Everson wrote:
>>Ha! Plane 1 is filling up with useful things. They can have Plane 3.
>If I understood your Roadmap to Plane 1 correctly, Etruscan and Gothic will
>soon be assigned code points in plane 1 as the first scripts to be allocated.

Western Musical Symbols and Byzantine Musical Symbols have also been
accepted in principle.

>What is the technical readines in different computer environments to display
>non-BMP characters ? The already overstretched cmap structure in True Type
>Fonts are limited to 16 bits. What is the situation with various Type x
>systems ?

I don't know. Some people are working on it. I just make glyphs.

>If Plane 1 is filling up at a fast rate, it would be nice to be able to
>enter and display these characters. If utilities that can handle also
>non-BMP characters become common, this will reduce the pressure to get new
>characters into the BMP. Currently, it would be rather pointless to assign
>some characters needed e.g. for terminal emulation to Plane 1, since they
>could not be displayed today.

Patience, patience. :-)

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