Re: Greek accentuation marks

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Fri Oct 16 1998 - 07:37:41 EDT

Ar 12:39 -0700 1998-10-15, scríobh Constantine Stathopoulos:

>I do not know why ELOT has insisted on the total distinction of characters
>used in monotonic from those used in the polytonic system, but it is of no
>interest here; what is important is that a Greek user will always expect
>OXIA to be used as the accentuation mark (TONOS), even if it has to be
>looked for in the Greek Extended block.

Won't the Greek user most likely just use a keyboard driver and not give a
hoot where the character is encoded?

>Of course, that will soon result in serious compatibility problems.

You really should discuss this with Evangelos and the rest of the ELOT
character set committee.

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