From: Arnd R. Strube (arstrube@nis.za)
Date: Mon Oct 19 1998 - 14:54:05 EDT

I apologize for the judgemental and insulting presentation of my
comments. If I offended you personally, kindly send me e-mail at
arstrube@nis.za and I will apologize to you personally.

I apologize, too, for not abiding by the news group ground rules
with regard to profanity.

I apologize specially to the Myanmar delegation; those who know me
will realize that Ko Lu Maw suppports their endeavour and would
never dream of slurring any of them.

I admit to very limited insight into the proceedings and processes
involved in reaching consensus with regard to a particular

I stand by what I wrote regarding the Myanmar vowel sign "ui":
that it is the Myanmar vowel sign "o" and must be a regarded as a
separate encoding entity.

Best regards,

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