Re: Dependent vowels

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Fri Oct 30 1998 - 14:59:24 EST

Ar 09:27 -0800 1998-10-30, scríobh Mark Leisher:
>Someone was asking me recently why they should use the Unicode Indic dependent
>vowels internally. I don't see any reason to use them because they make
>akshara construction and searching more complicated. They are only useful for

Indic languages do not implement Brahmic principles identically. A lot of
odd things occur, including non-initial independent vowels. Since an
independent vowel can occur non-initially, you couldn't predict when it was
a- and when it was -a.

Cham, for instance, makes regular use of independent vowels non-initially,
and indeed allows the use of dependent vowels with independent vowels as
well as consonants.

Isn't "Aer Indiya" written with an initial a- and initial e-? I can't seem
to remember.

It is important to make the distinction. For the gods' sake don't do a
"compatibility decomposition" on them.


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