Re: UTF-8 and browsers

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Fri Oct 30 1998 - 14:55:27 EST

Ar 10:44 -0800 1998-10-30, scríobh David Goldsmith:

>>Since the MacOs managers now support Unicode it would hopefully be a matter
>>of time before one web browser or another support display of UTF-8 also.
>Both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator on the Mac OS
>have supported UTF-8 for some time.

What does this _mean_? Does it mean that it can display Icelandic þorn
properly? No, it doesn't. Is there support for Armenian? No, there is not,
since Apple doesn't ship Armenian WorldScript (you can get it from me,

This is what Trond meant with his question, which apparently no one understood.

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