Re: EBCDIC Encoding question

From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Mon Nov 02 1998 - 11:18:00 EST

Otto Stolz <> wrote:

>> Could someone tell me the difference between EBCDIC 500 and open
> What do you mean by "open EBCDIC"?

Daniel may be referring to CECP 1047, which I have sometimes heard
referred to as "open EBCDIC." But see below.

> <>
> Belgium, Switzerland, and International CECP
> (this was meant to become "the" international CECP, but this attempt
> has failed; meanwhile, CECP 1046 is the agreed standard)

Otto, is this a typo for 1047, or is there really a new CECP 1046
that has replaced 1047?

> <>
> Windows code for Latin-1 countries (the "ANSI" misnomer)

This is definitely a typo. 1251 is the code page for Cyrillic.
1252 is the Latin-1 code page.

Thanks to Otto for his thorough answer to Daniel's question.


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