Re: UTF-8 and browsers

From: Jungshik Shin (
Date: Mon Nov 02 1998 - 15:15:13 EST

On Mon, 2 Nov 1998, John H. Jenkins wrote:

> Apple doesn't currently ship a UCS font per se. One of the optional
> installs in Mac OS 8.5 is Multilingual Internet Access which gives you a
> suite of fonts to cover every character in all of Apple's LK's (except
> for Cyrillic, where licensing issues interfered).

  With 'Multinlinguial Internet Access' installed, I guess Netscape
4.0x/4.5(and perhaps MS IE 4.x) running under MacOS 8.5(for that matter,
Mac OS 7.5x or later with all necessary fonts installed) can render all
the characters covered by Apple's LK's in a *single* web page encoded in
UTF-8 just like Unix/X11 version of Netscape can render UTF-8 encoded
pages with a collection of fonts (namely, "pseudo-Unicode font") without
a "big Unicode font". Is it correct?

> Apple is hoping to ship a "big" font in the next OS release which
> covers characters not in any of the LK's.

> Meanwhile, it is true that anyone wanting to support any Unicode
> outside of the portion included in Apple's LK's will have to switch from
> WorldScript to ATSUI for text drawing and provide their own font.

  Could you point me where I can find more about ATSUI? Thank you,

    Jungshik Shin

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