New draft Unicode technical reports available for review

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Mon Nov 02 1998 - 13:49:59 EST

Unicode Technical Committee (UTC) meeting #78 will be held the first week of
December. As at every meeting, technical reports on will come up for
discussion or approval. These papers can have significant impact on the
recommendations for implementations and on Unicode conformance. Topics include
how Unicode text is normalized for program identifiers and on the web, how
Unicode text should line-break, how to deal with characters that can either
have full-width or half-width in East Asian contexts, and how to sort Unicode

If you have any feedback on these topics, be sure to review the documents, and
send your feedback to contact point listed in each paper. For consideration at
any UTC meeting, you should make sure that your comments are sent well before
the meeting dates.

The draft technical reports include:

UTR #15: Unicode Normalization Forms
UTR #14: Line Breaking Properties
UTR #13: Unicode Newline Guidelines
UTR #11: East Asian Character Width
UTR #10: Unicode Collation Algorithm

In addition. we will be now be posting proposed draft technical reports as they
become available. These are in an earlier stage of development, and have not
yet been considered by the UTC, so feedback is especially valuable. Topics
include how to handle Unicode characters in regular expressions, the structure
and terminology for character encodings, handling Unicode on EBCDIC systems,
coding annotations (Ruby), and the Unicode BIDI algorithm.

UTR #18: Unicode Regular Expression Guidelines
UTR #17: Character Encoding Model
UTR #16: EBCDIC-Friendly UCS Transformation Format
UTR #12: Support for Interlinear Annotations
UTR #9: The Bidirectional Algorithm Reference Implementation

(UTR #6: Standard Compression Scheme for Unicode (SCSU) has also been
updated--editorial fixes only.)

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