Re: New draft Unicode technical reports available for review

From: Roman Czyborra (
Date: Sun Nov 08 1998 - 08:00:16 EST

> we will now be posting proposed draft technical reports as they
> become available....

Thank you!

Looking at, I find it
disappointing that the Reference _Implementation_ is in some byte code
that can only be executed by slow HumaniumPro :) 60 Hz neural network
processors instead of some more standard coding like C (ISO 9899).
Will that perhaps get added before TR 9 loses its draft status?

Don't get me wrong - I am very glad that the BIDI description has
finally made it online! This is already a good start for promoting
the BIDI function.

Playing with also made me wonder
if Unicode's "mirrored" really means plain mirrored in right-to-left
context or something more intelligent: Is the little exponent "3"
sitting on the U+221B CUBE ROOT really supposed to be mirrored into a
round "E" instead of just mirroring the root it sits on?
Is the U+2232 CLOCKWISE CONTOUR INTEGRAL really supposed to turn
anticlockwise or isn't just the integral sign supposed to be mirrored?
And why is the negation stroke mirrored in U+2224 DOES NOT DIVIDE and
U+2226 NOT PARALLEL TO but not their common component U+0338 COMBINING
not mirrored like U+0028 '(' and the CJK braces U+3008..U+3017?
What does the small punctuation have to do in fullwidth cells anyway?
And why are the small fullwidth symbols and wide Hebrew letters like
U+FB21 HEBREW LETTER WIDE ALEF & Co. listed as "narrow" in

Cheers, Roman

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