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From: Chris Pratley (chrispr@microsoft.com)
Date: Tue Nov 10 1998 - 18:18:52 EST

Greetings from Redmond.

If you are using Excel97, then you can store Chinese in your Excel
Spreadsheet on any Windows system thanks Excel's support of Unicode 2.0
internally. You don't even need Chinese Excel - Swedish Excel97 or other
will be fine.

To display Chinese in Excel97 when you are not on a Chinese system, look on
the Office97 CD. There will be a directory called "valupack". Below that a
directory called "fareast". In that directory, run "chssupp.exe" if you want
simplified Chinese support, or "chtsupp.exe" if you want traditional Chinese

However, your biggest hurdle will be input of Chinese. For that, you need
Chinese Windows, or Windows2000 (NT5) any language version.

Chris Pratley,
International Program Manager
Microsoft Office

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?? : Chinese

Greetings from Gothenburg, Sweden

Can anyone help me with a problem in Chinese.

We are a translation company who have been asked to supply a translation
in Chinese using UniCode 2.0. We have Chinese Windows 98 (both versions),
but I've been told it's not necessary. Our customer wants a file in
Microsoft Excel translating into Chinese.

Can anybody give me any tips??

Grateful for any help.

David Moran
Production Manager
Tekniktext AB

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