Urgent: Help with Arabic

From: Hart, Edwin F. (Edwin.Hart@jhuapl.edu)
Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 14:14:41 EST

Can someone provide help?
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Subject: Urgent: Arabic
I'm interested in displaying Arabic text using Java. Specifically using
Unicode and bitmapped images (.gif) for Arabic characters. I want any paper
that addresses that since I'm studying at a computer college and this is the
last semester for me and I want to save time searching. The internet access
here is very bad, and I already spent a large amount of time searching, but
couldn't find much. I'm interested in algorithms to render Arabic
characters and data structures.
I want to know more about your paper in the 15th Unicode conference, and if
it has any accompanying work, and I want the paper itself, please.
I really appreciate your help in this regard.
I've only one month and a half, while I have four courses full work and a
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