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From: Patrick Andries (
Date: Sat Mar 18 2000 - 11:29:12 EST

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From: Adrian Havill <>
> P.S. For a standard that is designed to allow all the
worlds languages to
> communicate digitally without needing English/ASCII, the
Unicode site
> (and the book) is awfully monolingual. It is ironic that
the Unicode site
> could be completely implemented in ASCII without any
problem. How about
> taking some of that budget allocated to creating all those
> graphics and spending it on a (at least one) translator?

If I may interject, I'd like to mention the fact that thanks
to the help of the Quebec Government, Agfa*Monotype (for the
fonts) and many contributors, a book written in French about
Unicode 3.0 and 10646:2000 should be available at the end
of this year, early next year.

It will contain all of the glyph charts (but the Unified Han
charts will, for reasons linked to pricing, only be present
in pdf format on the accompanying CD), all these glyphs will
be accompanied by their official ISO 10646 French names, The
book will obviously also integrate descriptions and comments
on the ISO 10646 and Unicode 3.0 standards with some
additional content such as a FAQ, additional annotations to
the character list, etc.

Around 700 pages thick, it will be reasonably priced (for a
French book) : 90 Can $ ( around 65 US $).

The fact that the French version of ISO 10646:2000 has
officially been approved (or very soon since Canada and
France have approved it) as an international standard
obviously helps in the writing of a book that will reflect
this standardized terminology.

Patrick Andries

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