Text entry and rendering

From: Gary Bonham (Gary@BonhamDesigns.com)
Date: Fri Mar 24 2000 - 12:53:53 EST

I have a web site where folks enter text and it's rendered on a gif for them
to grab for other uses (this is a banner making site).

I need to make it accept Chinese, etc., characters (Chinese is the first
direct usage).

Can anyone tell me the most direct and simple way to allow entry in text
boxes in a web site of Chinese characters? These are then to be passed, via
a Post, to a Perl cgi, where they will be written to a text file for later
processing by a C library.

I find I can get entry to sort of work, but Netscape and IE handle the
strings differently. Netscape results in a string of intermixed single and
double byte characters, and IE creates HTML strings like "狀". Both
render back to a web page just fine, but I cannot find how to utilize these
strings in the C library in rendering a string.

Do I HAVE to be on a Chinese Windows system? I would prefer if anyone, on
any system, could enter special characters and have them rendered to the
final graphic properly.

Hope I don't appear TOO ignorant here, but unicode is a very new area for

Gary Bonham

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