Re: CP1252 under Unix

From: Markus Kuhn (
Date: Fri Mar 24 2000 - 13:14:50 EST

Chris Pratley wrote on 2000-03-24 11:12 UTC:
> I'm curious why the makers of whatever [Unix] browsers these are
> don't simply add support for non-ISO encodings like windows-1252
> and be done with it.

So far, X11, the commonly used Unix GUI system did support in its
standard fonts only ISO 8859-1. We (= loose group of XFree86 volunteers)
are changing this at the moment, but it will take at least a year or two
until this is really widely deployed. (There are also some architectural
issues, because the X11 font mechanisms were not designed to efficiently
handle sparse 16-bit fonts that contain characters in the range 0-255
plus one at 0x20AC). Most browsers do already offer transliteration to
ASCII as a compromise fallback. CP1252 characters become slowly
acceptable in the Unix world, too, *IF THEY ARE PROPERLY ANNOUNCED AND
ENCODED*, i.e. either as UTF-8 (preferred), windows-1252, or Unicode
numeric character references in HTML.


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