Re: CP1252 under Unix

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Sat Mar 25 2000 - 18:08:23 EST

       Chris Pratley wrote:

>As Peter Constable and a few others will note,
>that doesn?t quite cut it yet for languages not
>covered by Unicode, but there is no way
>Microsoft is about to create a new codepage for
>those languages - we'd much rather wait for
>Unicode to add them.

       And since you named me by name, I'll note that I or SIL
       wouldn't want MS to create new codepages for those
       languages/scripts. We want to see support for them added to
       Unicode. We may want to handle them using the PUA in the mean
       time, and so would be glad for MS to provide ways for users to
       define PUA semantics for their own purposes at the OS level,
       (and there are some other I18N infrastructure issues such as
       input methods, langdids, localeids and OT support), but none of
       that has any connection with creating new 8-bit codepages,
       which would mainly serve to perpetuate what has been painful
       for all of us.


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