RE: Searching Info on IMM and Japanese IME

From: Rogers, Paul (
Date: Mon Mar 27 2000 - 10:48:33 EST

> is anybody out there, who can tell me about
> the number and product-names of japanese Input Method Editors (IME)
> currently in use within nowadays´ software.

A colleague was looking into IMEs, here's an excerpt from her note. Hope it
helps at least a little...

"There are several IME available. Global IME from MS would not help you
since it can not be acivated for java VM. List of a few examples are:
     Richwin (
     AsiaSuite by Unionway (
     WinMass by Star+Globe (

"If you are interested in inputting only Japanese you can use KanjiKit
( . It is less than $100. I installed their trial
version and now I can input Japanese in java text fields as well as 97
office applications.

--- Paul

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