Re: Real 3270s (was: 70s and 80s home computer characters)

From: Frank da Cruz (
Date: Mon Mar 27 2000 - 10:48:24 EST

Otto Stolz wrote:
> ...
> So, it is probably too early to talk about 3270s in the past tense.
And not only because you can find two or three of them at some obscure
furniture store. Gigantic business and government systems are based upon
them: airline and car rental systems, 911 (emergency call) processing
systems, city and state agencies of all kinds, university administrative
systems, and so on: Any large application designed around databases with
large numbers of data entry stations is likely to be terminal-host, and
probably 3270.

The terminal-host mode of communication is not dead, despite the fact
that we no longer read about it in the trade press. I believe it is as
big, if not bigger, than it ever was, but it receives no attention
because it's "done" and it's not hot on the stock exchange. All the
attention goes to the segments of the market that are new and growing:
Web, e-commerce, etc. The misimpression of the demise of terminal-host
communication is bolstered by the fact that one rarely encounters real
terminals any more -- instead, their function has moved to PCs, in which
the terminal emulator runs alongside other applications.

We've been through all this before.

I will revise the terminal emulation proposal in light of recent
developments (Unicode 3.0, STIX, SHARE feedback, etc).


- Frank

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