Re: CP1252 under Unix

From: Erik van der Poel (
Date: Mon Mar 27 2000 - 23:13:06 EST

Juliusz Chroboczek wrote:
> >> iso10646-1 (Registry=iso10646, Encoding=1; why 1?; that's the BMP)
> CJF> Shouldn't that have been iso10646-0? The BMP is plane 0 not plane 1.
> Exactly my reaction when I heard about the registration.

I was not involved in the choice of the XLFD suffix name *-iso10646-1,
but the ISO 8859 series comes in a number of "parts". Part 1 is commonly
referred to as ISO 8859-1. Similarly, ISO 10646 has a "Part 1", which is
"Architecture and Basic Multilingual Plane".

Since the XLFD suffix for the 8859 series is *-iso8859-1, etc, the
suffix *-iso10646-1 is actually just following that same convention. I
don't know if that was the original reason for naming it that way
though. Perhaps Markus would know. Is he at the conference?


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