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From: Katsuhiko Momoi (
Date: Wed Mar 29 2000 - 04:02:10 EST


You should not install Global IMEs in Windows 2000. Global IMEs are
meant for pre-Windows 2000 Windows. Windows 2000 comes with its own
"improved" CJK IMEs. You can install them from the Win 2000 CD via the
Control Panel, I believe.

- Kat

Glen Perkins wrote:
> I just downloaded the Japanese "Global IME" from
> and ran the installer on my new Win2000 laptop. At all of the i18n events,
> the MS folks have always told us that the Asian language packs and IMEs were
> fundamentally Win2000 technologies that had just been released a bit early,
> but were really a part of Win2000's ability to run any localized app on any
> version of Win2000.
> Since all of my projects are both multilingual and Unicode-based, I
> anxiously awaited having a Win2000 Unicode-based laptop with all Asian
> script systems installed, along with Japanese databases, my own Unicode apps
> with Global IME support, etc. I finally got the Win2000 laptop. After going
> thru the download, though, the installer refused to run, quitting with the
> announcement that my version of Windows was "not supported". I assumed that
> I must have accidentally downloaded the old one, and went back to the Global
> IME site to find either the new Win2000 version or at least some discussion
> of Global IME, Win2000, and running localized apps (and hopefully a pointer
> to the APIs for writing our own apps).
> No luck. The Global IME site is a "cobwebsite". They don't seem to have
> heard of this newfangled Windows2000 thing. Though the URL shows it being
> under IE 5's "Features" page, there's no link to it from that page, or from
> any other page I've ever seen. The only way to find it is with a search, and
> you have to know the exact words to search for: "Global IME". As Windows2000
> has become more and more "real", the website for this "feature of Win2000"
> has become better and better hidden.
> Does anyone here know what the story is? I thought we were finally going to
> have a Unicode-based equivalent of Mac1991 + WorldScript. (Sorry, I guess
> I'm getting frustrated...;-) ).
> __Glen Perkins__

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