FW: Unicode Fonts

From: Hart, Edwin F. (Edwin.Hart@jhuapl.edu)
Date: Thu Mar 30 2000 - 13:17:43 EST

Similar to the Microsoft Character Map application, Bjondi has one called,
Character Agent V1.11, which I find to be a bit nicer than Character Map. I
downloaded an earlier version almost 2 years ago, and the current version
about a year ago. You can download it at:



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I don't know if this would help, but have you tried "charmap" on
Windows? You can get to it via Start | Programs | Accessories |
Character Map (or similar paths) on most current Windows systems, I
think. Or just run "charmap" from a command line or Run dialog. This
utility actually draws all of the glyphs in a little window, so I don't
know if that's what you want.


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