Re: Layout of Unicode 3.0 book with FrameMaker

From: John Jenkins (
Date: Tue Apr 04 2000 - 12:17:14 EDT

on 4/4/00 8:17 AM, Mark Davis at wrote:

> Both of these conversions were *extremely* painful, and took many
> person-months to do -- far more than we anticipated. Ideally, FrameMaker would
> move to supporting Unicode, and we wouldn't have to convert again, but I don't
> know what Adobe's plans are (anyone have an idea?).

The rumors I hear is that FrameMaker is not going to undergo any further
development, but that Adobe is planning to push InDesign as its replacement.
(InDesign is Unicode-based, at least.) Those are, however, just rumors. You
can pretty much bet your bottom dollar that Adobe isn't going to convert
Frame to use Unicode.

John H. Jenkins

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