Re: Dotless j

From: John Cowan (
Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 14:00:52 EDT

Michael Everson wrote:

> >In Unicode, the dots on i and j disappear all by themselves: you encode
> >î as LATIN SMALL LETTER I followed by COMBINING CIRCUMFLEX, and likewise
> >for j.
> John, there is NO magic in Unicode. Nothing happens "by itself".

My point (as you know very well) is that even though î lacks a dot above,
you encode it using SMALL I, not SMALL DOTLESS I.
> DOTLESS J is a character in Swedish Låndsmålalfabetet, and Norway, Finland,
> and Ireland will be proposing all that stuff in due course. We are
> coordinating Låndsmålalfabetet with Dania and Norvegia, as well as with the
> Finno-Ugric Phonetic Alphabet (FUPA) for which a preliminary draft has been
> made available.

Okay, so DOTLESS J is going to be a character someday. Even so, j-with-accent
will be made using J, not DOTLESS J.


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