Re: Problems/Issues with CJK and Unicode

From: John Cowan (
Date: Sat Apr 08 2000 - 09:34:48 EDT scripsit:

> In Version 3 of the Standard, the 214 Kangxi classifiers
> have been singled out and given their own new, code points in
> addition to the ones they already had.

That some of them already had, I think. Some radicals are not zi4.

> And the Description
> Characters (p.565) call attention to the various two-dimensional
> arrangements that the hemigrams may take. This is very handy. If
> this were extended to the phonetic hemigrams at some point in
> the future, then you could represent all kanji with a couple
> thousand code points. I found that possibility attractive.

A list of all phonetics would certainly be useful, and might
(I speak without any authority) be considered by UTC/WG2 for
inclusion in a future version of the standard. Furthermore,
anyone who wanted to undertake the heroic effort of generating
decompositions for all the Unicode 3.0 hanzi would pile up
massive amounts of Uni-geek cred.

However, I think there is rather less agreement about a canonical
list of all phonetics than there is about radicals?

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