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From: Michael Everson (
Date: Mon Apr 10 2000 - 06:36:45 EDT

Patrick, scan them in and put them on your website and give us the URL so
we can see what these are. Also one would like to know more about the

Ar 20:11 -0800 2000-04-09, scríobh Patrick Andries:
>I 'm wondering whether the following three characters
>mentioned in a linguistic lexicon of mine are in Unicode
>I have looked at the Unicode 3.0 charts but I could not
>quite find them. Does someone know whether they are actually
>many sources using them (aside from my book printed in
>This is not a request to add additional characters.
>1) reversed C (very similar to U+0187 and U+2183), this was
>called «antisigma» and used by old commentators to indicate
>an inversion. Could one use U+0187?
>2) reversed C + normal C, apparently also called
> antisigma » or « sigmas adossés » in French ("back-to-back
>sigmas"), this sign was introduced by emperor Claudius to
>represent PS (psi in Greek). Apparently a fruitless attempt.
>3) upside down digamma (or turned F) called « digamma
>inversum » in Latin, this letter was also imagined by
>emperor Claudius to distinguish the consonant "u" (i.e. V)
>from its vocalic form (i.e. U). Were these two last signs
>ever used ?

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