Re: charset question

From: Deborah Goldsmith (
Date: Mon Apr 10 2000 - 14:41:52 EDT

on 4/7/2000 8:58 PM, Curtis Clark <> wrote:

> Is there a metatag charset designation for MacRoman that works reliably in
> IE and NS? I want to be able to use Macintosh text directly in a web page
> and have it display correctly cross-platform (the alternatives are to train
> the person who graciously consents to supply the text or else convert it on
> a piece-by-piece basis myself).

The IANA designation for MacRoman is "macintosh". However, I'd agree with
the others here who said to encode it as UTF-8. This will work with the most

You can edit your document in MacRoman, and then use Cyclone [1], a freeware
character set conversion utility, to convert it to UTF-8. Cyclone is
scriptable via AppleScript if you need to automate the process.

I hope this helps...

Deborah Goldsmith
Manager, International Toolbox Group
Apple Computer, Inc.


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