HTML question clarfication

From: Fady Elias (
Date: Mon Apr 10 2000 - 20:48:04 EDT

Will, what I'm trying to do is displaying more than one language on one
page without converting the text to graphics.

> From: Fady Elias <>
> > I have a simple question concerning HTML and unicode.
> > How can I use unicode representation in a a HTML file?
> > what I'm actually trying to do is to have a HTML containing more than one
> > language (i.e. English, Japanese, Korean, Arabic) and to be able to open
> > this file using any web browser on any OS regardless to its language

On Mon, 10 Apr 2000, Suzanne Topping wrote:
> Can you please clarify whether you hope to display more than one language on
> a single page, or a single language per page?

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