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From: Suzanne Topping (
Date: Tue Apr 11 2000 - 10:43:37 EDT

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From: Fady Elias <>

> Will, what I'm trying to do is displaying more than one language on one
> page without converting the text to graphics.

The closest you will be able to get in this case is to use Unicode as the
character set and UTF-8 as the encoding.

This means that people using Unicode-enabled browsers with appropriate
settings will be able to view all of the languages (assuming there are no
font issues/that you use a Unicode font). Unfortunately, people using older,
non-Unicode-enabled browsers will not be able to display the text.

If you are using a web authoring tool, it should provide encoding options
which allow you to select UTF-8, or else you will need to change the header
manually as shown below.

<META HTTP-EQUIV="content-Type"
    CONTENT="text/html; char-set=xxxxxx">

(Where xxxxxx refers to the preferred encoding. In this case, UTF-8.)

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